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Listen to an interview with cellist Eric Jacobsen

A writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette describes Brooklyn Rider as “four classical musicians performing with the energy of young rock stars.” NPR praises the group, which performs in concert April 14, 2015, at Penn State’s Schwab Auditorium, for “recreating the 300-year-old form of string quartet as a vital and creative 21st-century ensemble.” John Mark Rafacz speaks with Brooklyn Rider cellist Eric Jacobsen about the quartet’s inclusive repertoire. Jacobsen discusses the concept behind the quartet’s new album, “The Brooklyn Rider Almanac,” which features works by composers from far-ranging backgrounds. The cellist also talks about the look and feel of a Brooklyn Rider concert. An excerpt of “Ping Pong Fumble Thaw,” a Glenn Kotche composition from the album “The Brooklyn Rider Almanac,” opens the webcast. Music copyright 2014 Mercury Classics.

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